WTF? I just got released from FB jail – yay!

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So… yesterday afternoon was interesting to say the least. Met up with Kim in town… one of my many blonde hottie GF’s. Went for a coffee… did some shoppingz… fooled around for a bit… and while we were on a roll, we happened to bump into Kate – who turned out to be Kim’s smoking hot GF, and also blonde as luck may have it. I’m not even sure Kim had mentioned her up to that point

Not to be outdone, and following strict protocol in these situations – and with nothing to lose – I politely asked Kate if she minded me taking her GF back to my place so I could give her a good seeing to. She mulled over my proposal for a few seconds prior to slapping me – which always helps – and she was fine with it, but only on the proviso that she could come along & join in too. As you would expect, I excitedly agreed, which was awesome really cos’ it’s always better when you can have “2 for the price of 1” – or a “buy 1 get 1 free” kinda deal, lol

So the 3 of us hot-footed it back to my place for a damn good workout session. I don’t have any pics for once, so you’ll have to make do with the screenshot below which I took from one of my fave videos… and yes, you guessed right… I’d be the one with my ass in the air cos’ I’m such a dirty fucking bitch! (That’s the same pic that put me in FB jail btw – Yay!)

I’m feeling like I’ve run the London marathon today though, as Kim & Kate bent me into every position imaginable — but it was well worth it and a hell of a good time was definitely had by all. Ohhh fucking yaayyyyyy for me again!

Now I’m gonna get back to doing what I was supposed to be doing, once I remember what that was…

Later peeps!
Melissa xxx  

PS. If you wanna watch the video I took the screenshot from, I posted it below   Resistance is futile. Enjoy!…


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