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Watching Taylor! Yay!

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Ok, so… I was just reminded of one of my New Years resolutions. The other ones I had seem to have fallen by the wayside already 🙂 Anyways, I was supposed to post something on FB *every day*, which I did from Jan 4th to… erm… Jan 4th 🙂
So having failed miserably to keep it up since then, now I’m starting again ffs. I wanna post pics of my antics, but I’d only end up getting my FB page shut down 🙂 — so instead I’m just gonna post random and remotely interesting shyt and hope for the best!
So I’m here watching Taylor Swift’s Fearless DVD from ages back… drinking Smirnoff Ice & intermittently topping it up with vodka… *coughs*… and wishing she was here with me with her pants down, kinda like in the pic below 🙂 Don’t ask me who I’m with right now, lol.
Laterz! xxx  
taylor swift yay!

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