The Sainsbury’s Bitch-slap

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On the off chance you’re still reading my daily posts & BS, I’m feeling WAY better today. Temp is at 36.6 and all is well, at last! So this morning, after eating Stacey’s pussy for breakfast yet again, she reminds me that as we’ve not been out & about for a few days, we’ve nearly run out of supplies  … so we decided we’d better drag our hot asses down the street to stock up at our Sainsbury’s Local. While we’re in there doing our thing, lo and behold, we bump into one of Stacey’s ex-hoes. Calling her an ex-GF might be pushing it somewhat 🤣

Anyways, she starts playing her big mouth for no apparent reason… blah blah this, blah blah some other shyt… so I gave her 2 verbal warnings which she refused to heed — then I did the only decent thing I could do… I bitch slapped that motherfucker in the middle of the frozen food aisle, much to Stacey’s amusement, and mine. That seemed to have the desired effect anyway as she soon piped down. That bitch knows where I am IF she ever wants to come back for second helpings. Yay!

So now we’re back home… munching on all the stuff we just bought… all vegan stuff of course, and deciding what to do next. I’m sure we’ll not stick fast.

It’s true… too often we do lose sight of life’s simple pleasures

Later peeps!
Melissa xxx

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