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Sidetracked and feeling delicate (not!)

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Well, I got sidetracked again last week working on all my trading stuff (and my latest book) so I screwed up my promised daily postingz

I’m gonna try and get back on track from tomorrow. In the meantime, it’s Tays time again… yay!
No rest for the wicked.
Later peeps!
Melissa xxx

Watching Taylor! Yay!

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Ok, so… I was just reminded of one of my New Years resolutions. The other ones I had seem to have fallen by the wayside already 🙂 Anyways, I was supposed to post something on FB *every day*, which I did from Jan 4th to… erm… Jan 4th 🙂
So having failed miserably to keep it up since then, now I’m starting again ffs. I wanna post pics of my antics, but I’d only end up getting my FB page shut down 🙂 — so instead I’m just gonna post random and remotely interesting shyt and hope for the best!
So I’m here watching Taylor Swift’s Fearless DVD from ages back… drinking Smirnoff Ice & intermittently topping it up with vodka… *coughs*… and wishing she was here with me with her pants down, kinda like in the pic below 🙂 Don’t ask me who I’m with right now, lol.
Laterz! xxx  
taylor swift yay!
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