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Meghan! You know where I am, FFS!

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So, I had a lot of peeps asking me about Meghan’s wedding yesterday, from which there was no escape really — so I thought I’d post here and share my take on it all just in case you were interested.
First off, the wedding (like the weather) was awesome – Meghan was awesome … and I think they make a nice couple too. The thing is, we all saw Meghan marrying Harry, but in effect she was marrying into “The Mob” or “The Firm” – call it what you will. It’s basically the end of normality for her to say the very least.
Meghan already had the plug pulled on all her social media accounts a while back, and she can no longer do anything, go anywhere or have opinions on things – so couple all of that with the free spirit that she is – a bit like me – and I really think she’s gonna struggle in the long term. Based on all that, I can’t see it lasting more than a few years. These are my thoughts anyway. I hope I’m wrong, but we shall see.
And if it does all go pear shaped at some point, she can always pack her bags and move in with me! I only live around the corner after all ffs. Yaaaaaayyy!
Later peeps!
Melissa xxx 
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