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“Ultimate 3-some Sunday” – Part 1, maybe

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This is my 4th FB post in a row! Can ya believe it? 🤣
So to celebrate, I’ve designated today as “Ultimate 3-some Sunday” — which might even turn into a weekly event… you never know. Anyways, it’s where I think about things for a minute, or sometimes less, and I come up with who I’d love to have a 3-some with. Pretty self explanatory, but there ya goes, lol.
So today, I’m thinking it’d be awesomely spectacular to hook up with Cara Delevingne and Kate Moss… the ultimate mix of youthful nympho exuberance coupled with cougar-MILF experience… ahh yes… fuck… I know I’d need a damn crowbar to squeeze myself in between them… but can you imagine it? I know I can. Sweet Jesus! It’d definitely be a case of “OOOOOOhhhh’ Holy Night”, even if we were nowhere near Christmas. Yay! 🤣🤣
I’ll leave you with that thought – and the pic below.
Cara & Kate  
Later peeps!
Melissa xxx  
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