Making a list (and not checking it twice…)

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Jeez… earlier I made a list of everything I’d gotten up to over the past 2 years or so. Now I wish I hadn’t It’s a wonder I’m still alive… but no real surprise that I’m so mentally fucked up Anyone else would be too. One day I’ll get around to writing about it all, which I’ve been trying to do for way too long. I’ve only published 2 books so far on Amazon, but I’ve got at least another 15 to write – or maybe even more… so that’s why I was making my list earlier!

So after the last pic I posted that put me in FB jail for the day, I thought I’d play it safe today and post an inanimate object instead — not the most exciting of pics, compared to the ones I usually post – but wtf… it’s a present that one of my close friends bought me last week. I can’t use the phrase “girlfriend” as she’s actually a client. Shhh… maybe next week she’ll buy me a Porsche

Anyways, it’s all good! You only live once as far as I know.

Later peeps!
Melissa xxx

PS. If you’re interested in the 2 books I’ve written so far, you can check them out on my Amazon page –



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