I’ve finally found my twin!

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Ya… I know I suck at posting every day – and I end up posting once every 2 weeks instead, wtf? I’ve been real busy though *coughs*… dammit!
So…… have you ever told a girl everything you’re planning to do to her, in great detail… while she’s in the shower… and snapped a picture of her at the exact same time? Well, I did that earlier with Aimee… one of my new GF’s. She said she didn’t mind me posting the pic either, which was nice of her. I was gonna post it anyways 😂
Anyways, with Aimee, turns out she was very easy to pick up… she’s a total slut (and a dirty bitch)… and she’d open her legs for anyone… just like me really… so I think I’ve finally found my twin! YAAAYYY!!! 😜 And I just know we’re gonna have a lot of fun here and there over the next few weeks, until I end up getting bored with her – as sometimes happens 😂
Watch this space ffs!
Later peeps!
Melissa xxx 
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Here’s Aimee…

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