As you may already know, I don’t write typical stories or fancy romantic tales. Far from it. I leave the “Happy Ever After” stuff for other people to write about. The books I write are based on my own real-life experiences & adventures – and believe me, I’ve had more than my fair share.

This is why I don’t include pics of myself in the blog and  why I had to change a few other details too… just to be on the safe side.

What happens in my books is what happened in real-life. There is no “plot” or “storyline” to work out. Thankfully, I don’t have to sit down and plan who did what, where & why. I’d find that too difficult anyway. I’m not an author in that sense, but more a writer. But I have a good recollection of people, places & events, and the writing flows really easily. From that perspective, I am blessed.

All you have to do is sit back, read my stuff and enjoy the ride – or not as the case may be. That’s your call.

Moving on from all that, I regularly get emails from readers asking about the different people in my books – so I thought I’d dedicate this page in my blog to giving you a brief overview of The Peeps and my relative thoughts about them, as it relates up to and including my latest books, Blonde Pussy Champagne and Dirty Little Bitches. I’ll also update this page moving forward of course.

Bear in mind that I’m writing about stuff that’s happened to me over the past couple of years, during which time a hell of a lot of things have changed.

So, here are The Peeps. They all have a typical London twang to their accents too, unless stated otherwise…


Emma, or Emz as I call her (among many other things) is my long suffering & very gorgeous girlfriend. We’ve been together for the past 2 years or so now. She works in a fancy hair salon in the city. She’s 19, tall-ish, quite thin, and she’s got a really cute ass, amazing boobs and awesome long legs. Come to think of it, everything about her is really cute & awesome. Her hair is also quite long & straight. She absolutely hates having her hair pulled too – so I do that quite a lot. Yay!

Oh, and Emz is my bitchI trained her really well too… so she knows how to behave properly and she knows what she can (and can’t) do. She also knows that’s she’s forbidden to stray – even though she does from time to time – and that’s she’s incredibly lucky (some may even say unlucky?) to be my girlfriend.

So basically, she follows the rules that I’ve strictly laid down, and I do whatever the hell I want. If she ever dares to break the rules then she gets punished accordingly. She’s mine. She’s Melissa’s property. I own her. That’s the deal, and she’s fine with that.


She’s the fucked-up & well-to-do restaurant owner from the other side of town. One of the worst things I ever did in my life was meet her. To call her vile would be a compliment. I hate the evil slut with a vengeance. OMFG. Enough already. You’ll find out why as we progress.

This is how I described her (at the time) in “The Bitch And The Curse“:

“Charlotte looked to be in her mid 30′s. Quite tall, slim, dark smokey eyes, long straight chestnut brown hair with a cute side pony tail. She was your typical hot puma – she was also gorgeous, and she knew it. But straight away I could sense she liked to be in control of things.”

If only I knew then what I know now. Anyways…


Holly is just awesome. I love her to bits. I have done from the moment I first saw her.

She’s also one of Charlotte’s girlfriends. One of many no doubt.

This is how I described Holly after me & Emz visited the restaurant for the first time in “The Action Starts Here”:

“You know in some of those funny movies, where 2 people see each other for the first time and everything goes into super-slow motion? Well it was like that for me… I was sort of ”hypnotized” by Holly. I could see she was stood there chatting with Emz, but I couldn’t hear what they were saying.

I was just sat there staring at Holly… gazing at her ass actually… imagining everything I’d love to do to her (and to her ass). She looked drop-dead gorgeous…. tall… slim… hotter than hell, and with her amazing long black hair in a cute long ponytail… just like Emz had already mentioned to her…….”

It’s too upsetting to write any more about Holly, so I’ll leave it at that for now.


Formerly known as “Shop Girl”, due to her working in her parent’s shop down the road from us, I finally got to find out her real name when she came to visit me for the first time in “Blonde Pussy Champagne”. That was definitely a night to remember for countless reasons you can read about.

In the book, I described Stacey as being around 18, a bit shorter than me, quite skinny, having a cute emo-style diagonal fringe and awesome boobs. She’s blonde too (obviously).


According to Emz, Lee is Stacey’s boyfriend. Having not seen him for myself yet, I can only go on Emz’ description of him being “mid-thirties” and “really cute”, which counts for very little really.


Shaun is one of Charlotte’s boyfriends. Not bad looking really. Mid to late twenties. A typical guy and an equally typical bastard. But it’s a strange relationship set-up for sure, because although he’s Holly’s boyfriend (when she’s with him), she’s not his girlfriend. Holly is Charlotte’s girlfriend, as she points out numerous times.

This is why when Emz asked her (in my first Diary entry – “The Action Starts Here”) if she had a girlfriend, she replied by saying, “Yeah… I have both if you must know”.

Confused? You will be. Jeez…

Sara & Louise:

These are 2 of Holly’s girlfriends. I met them both for the first time at Holly’s apartment, as detailed in the very eventful “Dirty Little Bitches” book. Louise is gorgeous and awesome. Sara is a fucking spiteful blonde whore and I hate her. You’ll have to read the book to find out why…

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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