Frozen Pees? Surely not…

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Ok, so I maybe jumped the gun thinking I was feeling way better yesterday – cos; today, so far, I’ve been freezing my ass off *and* I have a sore throat too FFS! And that’s despite having some extra layers on and turning up the heating. I was gonna call Stacey but then I remembered she’s been here since Friday, keeping me company and whatnot, lol

So… not being one to stick fast, I decided to grab my quilt and lay down on the heated marble floor in the bathroom earlier. I’d only been there 20 mins when Stacey comes in and says: “Oh! Sorry Melissa. I dint know you were in here babe, I just came from a pee that’s all.” “No probs babe” I told her, “Just let me move myself round a bit so I’ve got a better view, then you can pee, ok?”

So she smiles at me… and that’s exactly what she did

“I fucking love you Stacey!” I told her, mid-pee.
“I fucking love you too, Melissa babe!”

I mean, come on… if one of your girlfriends won’t pee in front of you, she can’t be much of a girlfriend, right?

As she pulled her pants & shorts back up and trotted out of the bathroom laughing hysterically, I told her that if I wouldn’t have been feeling quite so lousy, I would have spanked her like she was Taylor Swift

I soon followed after her with the quilt wrapped around me, and headed for the bedroom – which is exactly where I am now… still… still freezing and still waiting to feel better… despite Stacey’s best efforts. So I’m gonna dedicate today’s video to Stacey… cos’ she’s awesome!!

Melissa xxx

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