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Cara… come round to my place, FFS!

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Well, jeez… today is one of those rare days when I’m not feeling 100% and have a high temperature. WTF! Poor me! Boo-hoo! Trotting around in the early hours of very cold London mornings, wearing very little, has finally caught up with me. You’d think my system would be immune to it after all these years
🤣 Either that, or I’ve picked up a some random bug from one of my bitches – or maybe it’s a bit of both. I dunno….
Anyways, I’m literally “in bed with Melissa” this afternoon, lol… but it’s given me a good opportunity to write a few more pages for my latest book, hopefully due out in a few weeks. I can tell you now, it’s gonna be EPIC, just like me 🤣 I know I’m gonna be better by the morning anyways, cos’ I’m never laid low for more than 24 hours thankfully. Fuck feeling like this! Yay!
So with today’s pic… I’m seriously thinking that if I can somehow coerce  Cara Delevingne to come round to my place and stick her cute little ass in my face for an hour, I’m gonna be feeling WAYYY better WAYYY quicker. Yay! Let me see what I can do 🤣
Melissa xxx
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