Another one bites the dust! Yay!

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I was working Saturday night down in “Cougar Town.” It’s kinda cool when I can go out & have fun for a few hours and make more than enough money to cover the monthly rent on my grossly overpriced flat. Yay for me!! 😜

So Sunday night I was out partying again in SW10. Not too sure exactly what happened as I may well have had a little too much to drink… maybe 🥂 … but I woke up in a hotel room the next morning in bed with some hottie that I can only assume I spent the night with? Anyways, before she had the chance to wake up, I did the only decent thing I could do, and took a few pics on my phone – one of which I’ve posted below. Yay! 😂 I don’t normally post pics of girls I’ve made out with, but nobody’s gonna recognize her anyways.
When Katie (I think that was her name) eventually woke up, we chatted for a bit prior to making out again, which was awesome (seeing as I can’t remember the first time)… prior to exchanging phone numbers and going our separate ways. No strings. No drama. No BS. She even paid for the hotel room. How cool is that?
So that was my fun-filled weekend in a nutshell 😍
Hopefully yours was just as exciting! Let me know if you like…
Later peeps!
Melissa xxx

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